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In those particular sections of
which discuss mankind's racial makeup
and early development, it states that Pacific
Islanders - referred to as "the brown man" - were
a combination of the red and yellow races.
This so-called "brown man" is "kin" to
Native Americans, they're cousins in a way.
The relatively pure strains of the red man were
forced out of Asia by the yellow man, and came
across the Bering Strait to populate the America's.
But this amalgamation of the red and yellow races,
this "brown man," was also driven out, and headed
to the east, eventually populating the islands
and peninsulas of the Pacific.
When I was in the Pacific Islands in the 90's, one of
the first things that struck me was how much some
Islanders resemble American Indians in physical
characteristics, particularly facial. I had served
as a press liaison at four conventions of the NCAI,
the National Congress of American Indians,
the oldest and largest of Indian organizations.
There were over 350 tribes/reservations
that were members. I had seen a LOT of Indians,
and while in the Pacific I kept thinking that I was
seeing a lot more of them.
Anyhow, when I was looking through a book
(LIFE PRAYERS, 1996, HarperSanFrancisco)
of prayers, poems, etc. about the human journey,
looking for something appropriate to the disaster
in Samoa, I came across this:
Weep, my unfortunate people!
All this you will see take place.
Weep, my unfortunate people!
For the waters will overwhelm the land.
Weep, my unhappy relatives!
You will learn all.
Weep, my unfortunate relatives!
You will learn all.
The waters will overwhelm the mountains.
Pima Song
It should be noted that the Pima Indians
live in southern Arizona, in the Sonoran Desert,
far, far away from "the waters."
Of course, some might read this as a prophecy
regarding global warming, as well as tsunamis.
Whatever, it's all "end times" stuff.
The fact that it has origin in a desert culture
however, is mind-boggling, if not
downright spooky.
What did you just say? There's no connection
whatsoever between any of this?
Oh, O.K.

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