Thursday, December 30, 2010


I pray today for people
faced with difficult decisions:
decisions which will seriously affect
their lives and the lives of their loved ones:
decisions about jobs,
about their marriage,
about where to live,
about money.
I pray for those who can see no way
through their problems:
for whom it is all too much.
Help them to see that you,
who control the universe,
are in control of their lives too.
From Further Everyday Prayers
Lord, Almighty God,
source of light, truth, and eternal goodness,
transform this present moment
into an hour of vision and inspiration.
Help me to find wisdom;
shed light on my thoughts.
May my aspirations come true
through righteous and good deeds.
Give me the strength to concentrate,
to think objectively,
and to see clearly.
Shed your light on me so that I may see
which decision to make.
Help me, O my Eternal God,
to avoid vanity and pride,
and thus be able to make worthy decisions
as a true child of yours.


From the Ithaca College website, which has
a select number of prayers for various occasions -
good stuff...see it here:

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