Friday, August 21, 2009



"Deal Has Wealthy Running Scared"

the headline proclaimed.
Swiss bank account secrecy has been a fact
since the middle ages. But a new deal between
America and Switzerland is getting signed.
The landscape, so says a tax lawyer in Washington,
is permanently changed. The names of thousands of
Americans who are hiding personal assets
in Swiss banks are going to be released
to U.S. authorities.
I'm sure most of the tax dodgers in this
category would swear they're loyal Americans.
Bullshit. They aren't, they're traitors.
In this day and age even the snotty
little privileged shits have to carry their own weight,
and pay the piper the cost of citizenship.
So do all the congressmen (and ladies) who got paid off,
and the crooked defense and road paving contractors,
and the..., and nauseum.
Yes, I know, a lot of the money will simply get up and
move to Southeast Asia, or the Bermuda Triangle,
or any number of places that want fat-cat cash
and don't ask a lot of questions.
But it's a start in the right direction.
Tax cheats who have it but hoard it
aren't worth a tinker's damn.
May the IRS succeed beyond their wildest dreams;
may God's wrath fall upon the heads of the scammers.
God Bless the IRS!

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