Friday, January 1, 2010



The year will see a spike
in the muder and mayhem statistics
nationwide. With the economy heading
to the scrapheap, millions out of work
or in the foreclosure column, the
frightening reality that billions upon
billions has been stolen and no one's
going to pay, the fact that many of
these scumball thieves are part of
Obama's team and are (one can bet)
already funneling the cash for
"recovery" out the back door with
forklifts, the fact that millions have
lost gillions in retirement funds, stock
portfolios, college funds, etc., etc.
with little or, in some cases, no hope
of decent recovery...well, for some folks
it's going to be a little too much.
The country's mental health is
suffering - too much high life now
gone to the dogs, and
too many things gone wrong,
too many opportunities now lost.
The ones who have the most to fear
are the Goldman-Sachs boys and
their Wall Street buddies,
particularly the big bonus guys
from the bailout-money outfits,
stock brokers and real estate liars,
bankers, lawyers (these folks
need to be especially wary),
most of the U.S. Congress,
government employees who are
either idiots, theives, or both,
bad cops, corrupt DA's and judges
of all stripes - metro to the Supreme,
worthless doctors, insurance flacks,
hospital administrators,
crooked accountants,
Hollywood scum on all levels,
and other assorted pigs from
various cash troughs.
Violence seems inevitable.
Everything's out of balance;
some people go over the edge.
The fact that innocent civilians
and families are sometimes the
target of rage and mental instability
is tragic.
The idea that the guilty, the proud,
and the evil might go meet their Maker,
where there will be much weeping
and the gnashing of teeth,
seems somehow less tragic.
Actually, it doesn't seem tragic at all.
Justice is going to be served,
one way or another.

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