Saturday, April 10, 2010



Dump him!!!
The Church doesn't need these guys
who either moved the thousands of
pedophiles around (Bishops) or guys up
the ladder who actively worked to cover up
the worst scandal in church history
(Vatican liars).
God will judge them all.
But think of this.
If giving bad example to the young
is behavior where you are better off having a
millstone tied around your neck, and
cast into the sea, well then, when you're dealing
with pedophilia, child beating, and similar
atrocities, committed by church "clerics" and
servants of God, certainly due to the
horribly incestuous nature of the crime,
where the victim is so psychologically thrown
out of whack, that they often become the new
perpetrator, then the bishops and Vatican
officials who let "Father Dan" move on,
are going to fry like Kentucky Fried.
Think. Who are the
worst in this case?

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