Thursday, April 29, 2010



Some estimates of the daily output gushing
into the ocean 5,000 ft. below the surface are now
over 200,000 gallons per day - and higher.
The U.S. military has entered the scenario,
as the disaster will enter a new phase this weekend,
when at least some oil will begin to arrive
at the coastal islands and marshes
off the Louisiana coast.
Burning off the oil, dispersion techniques,
the placement of enormous containment booms,
and planning for bird and amphibian rescue efforts,
are all currently underway.
British Petroleum, operator of the rig,
has an absolutely pathetic track record
for safety (the lack thereof), accidents,
and miscellaneous stupidity,
but a gorgeous balance sheet -
a trading market whore masquerading
as the Money-Queen of the British Empire,
that ancient pile of shit the Americans kicked
the hell out of here, back when, as they say,
and drove back to Jolly Olde England, for
some tea, and time to think up new strategies.
"By George, I've GOT IT, old chap!
Let's get into this off-shore oil thing!
Why, what with our connections with
Senator Blowhard and Congressman Scumbag,
we could make a sultan's ransom!!!
And who's the worst for it, tell me?
Rule, Britannia! Rule the waves!!!"
Capitalistic slut-pigs from hell.
Dickens had it all correct.
None of these people stand a chance,
not in the BIG picture,
not unless they start acting like Ebenezer,
the reformed version. Fat chance.
This time, WHIP 'EM!! HARD!!! HARDER!!!!
The Brits like that kind of stuff.
"You've been so naughty, naughty, naughty!
I'll have to spank you now, oh my!!
Pull down your soiled shorts, so little
Bobby's nannie can do what she must!"
(short pause here)
"Oh My, My!! I just love your profit margin!!!
Is it always this BIG??"
But switch the riding crop to federal fines.
BP should pay, and pay, and pay, and...
until that profit margin becomes a little limp,
deflated, tiny thing that more suits the general image
the world has of the Brits and Queen-lovers,
with all of their social/psycho/sexual problems.
They're screwed up, and have been for centuries.
BP is just the latest in a long line of pigs.
Talk to Saint Thomas Becket.
Talk to Gandhi.
Talk to the Irish.
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