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The Fool is one of three cards in the Tarot
that is sometimes numbered uniquely, according to
the author or illustrator of a tarot deck.
Most often, the Fool is placed at the beginning
of the Major Arcana and is given the Number 0.
Sometimes, the Fool is listed as the last card in
the Trump cards, and given the Number 22.
Technically, the Fool is very much akin to the "Jester"
or "Wild Card" in regular playing cards.
He is outside the confines of the regular cards,
which gives him a special status which makes it
reasonable to place him at the beginning of the deck.
In this analytical series, the Fool follows the
traditional 0 placement.

The Fool represents the "everyperson" -
the essence of us all embarking on the journey of life,
self-discovery and mastery. He is the innocent,
the whimsical, the "inner child" mixed with the
"inner sage" that lives down deep inside of us all.
He faces life and his journey unafraid, trusting,
the perfect example of total and utter faith that
all will be well, that every experience has
a deep essential meaning.

He trapses along the crags of life,
regardless of any hidden peril or disappointment,
his eyes are turned to the heavens and he knows
that he will be kept safe and whole along his travels.

Key words associated with the Fool are
new beginnings, important decisions and optimism.
The Fool is sometimes known as the
most worthless card, yet also as the most valuable one.
He is the first and the last, the alpha and the omega.
It represents both the fledgling beginner
and the adept master.

The Fool reminds us of things, sacred things,
that we have forgotten or repressed.
The Fool knows his or her own ignorance,
thus is seen as the most wise.
The Fool represents the Negative space
above the Tree of Life, the source of all things.
It is the Qabalistic Zero, the Equation of the Universe,
the initial and final balance of the opposites,
both the father and the mother -
male and female, in an abstract sort of way.

The Fool is intricately linked with all 21 cards
of the Major Arcana - in fact, many theorists
maintain that the other Major Arcana cards are
parts of the Fool's whimsical journey of self-discovery,
culminating with the Number 21 World Card,
bringing successful completion, accomplishment
and fulfillment. Because the Fool is trusting and
open to all experiences, he provides the perfect
role model as we too embark on our life journey.

The Fool coaxes us to walk our own path,
not the path of the "herd".
To trust our own inner voice, our intuition
and our inner knowing and to embark on
our life course with faith and a stout heart.
We need trust, faith in the goodness of life and people,
and an undying belief that all will work out
exactly as it should.

The Fool is the ultimate "Free Spirit" -
this card represents the self-actualized person,
free from societal constraints, someone who is able to
let go of outmoded beliefs and ideals
with the courage to pursue their own special path.

Leslie Gibson
Ask the mirror on the wall,
who's the biggest fool of all?
Graeme Edge, The Moody Blues
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